Usgu Fiber


Logo design and stationery package


Calista Corporation serves a five-million-acre region that includes 48 permanent communities and eight seasonally occupied villages in Southwest Alaska. Calista directs diverse holdings and investments in real estate, management, aviation, and construction.

Calista asked Mad Dog to create a logo for their newly-formed subsea cable telecommunications venture. Calista needed a mark that would pay tribute to the company’s Native Alaska roots but still look at home in national and international markets.

After extensive research into the region’s culture, Mad Dog focused on the visual connection between the area’s traditional woven seagrass coiled baskets and the spiral patterns formed by the enormous spools of fiber optic cable being unrolled across the ocean floors. Usgu’s new circular icon combines design cues from traditional basket patterns of the Calista region and cross-sections of transoceanic fiber optic cables.

The Usgu wordmark represents the line that connects two places – the meeting between sea and sky, or ocean and seafloor. After an audit of national and international companies in the field, Mad Dog chose a deep blue tone that draws from the color of Northern seas. The complimentary warm orange is found in regional baskets as well as cable casings, and also implies Usgu’s commitment to safety.