Logo design and stationery package


The Unalaska/Port of Dutch Harbor Convention and Visitors Bureau recently asked Mad Dog to help them rebrand their organization. The Bureau found their previous name and image were becoming too limiting, and wanted to update their look and clarify their identity for potential visitors.

Mad Dog helped the organization focus on their strengths, paring their name back to its core function – and designed a new, contemporary logo that would allow Unalaska to better compete with other Alaska destinations for tourism dollars.

The new logo showcases Ballyhoo, the mountain that greets visitors as they arrive in Unalaska, and represents the convergence of land, air, and sea that defines Unalaska. The mark references the island’s rich history and heritage, taking inspiration from local bentwood hats and Unangan traditions, Russian Orthodox influences, World War II landmarks, and a culture embracing fishing, wildlife, and the environment. Modern styling keeps the logo from becoming too nostalgic, and ensures that it can remain in use for years to come.