Logo design and stationery package


SAS FERMAT is a computer hardware company headquartered in Paris, France. The company was founded in 2016 by industry veterans from Japan, Switzerland, and the U.S., with strong investment support from Paul Maritz and IDInvest Partners.

SAS FERMAT designed and built a FPGA-based high-performance PCIe module for servers, a hardware solution that features cutting-edge memory technologies that can be accessed through a straightforward software tool chain. SAS FERMAT focuses on providing solutions that yield high performance analytic capabilities operating on extremely large datasets. Their markets include data science, machine learning, and various types of simulations, including financial modeling and analysis.

Mad Dog Graphx was brought in to create a logo that spoke to the FERMAT module’s innovation, speed, and ability to rapidly aggregate and process vast amounts of data.

The name “Fermat” was taken from Pierre de Fermat, a famous French mathematician of the 1600s. Mad Dog created a wordmark with an “f” that referenced the integral symbol in mathematics, to give a nod to Fermat and his contributions to the field. The icon illustrates speed and direction, incorporating Fermat’s principal of “least time.”