Raven Management Consulting


Logo design, stationery package, marketing and collateral materials


Raven Management is an international strategy, operations, and organizational effectiveness consultancy. Founded in 2003 in Anchorage, Raven expanded to Seattle in 2014. Their clients range from start-up to Fortune 100, across four continents and a diverse range of industries including technology, telecommunications, oil and gas, travel, and professional services firms — including extensive experience with government, non-profit, and Alaska Native organizations. By “engaging organizational success,” Raven has become known for its practical, business-driven solutions that are true to their clients’ strategy and custom fit for their organization and culture.

In Pacific Northwest Coast mythology, Raven is the bringer of change and light, a source of new ideas and insights, a creator, a teacher, and guide. Raven explores, challenges, collaborates, and brings laughter and transformation. The new logo was created with an eye on these characteristics and the values that Raven Management Consulting has been delivering over the last 13 years.


  • Marcom Awards 2016 [Platinum]
  • Communicator Awards [Gold]
  • American Graphic Design & Advertising Awards 31