Logo design, stationery package, marketing and collateral materials


QueryOn is a nationwide team of creative and imaginative technology experts working together as analysts, programmers, and project managers. They strive to free people from monotonous data chores, solve challenging problems, and deliver state-of-the-art solutions. Their focus has been on the energy, health care, not-for-profit, and public sectors. Currently, QueryOn technology is being leveraged throughout the U.S., in 13 different countries, and on five continents.

The company originally known as “Orion Technology Consulting” asked Mad Dog to help rebrand their firm with a forward-thinking name and image. They wanted to reflect youthful energy but still appeal to their more conservative clients, and clearly illustrate their values: honesty, transparency, and customer service.

The new name speaks to their core identity – a group asking questions and gathering information, always looking and moving forward. They understand data can predict the future, reveal new trends and markets, and stifle competition. QueryOn is the connection that makes your data useful through optimization and accessibility.

The rabbit was chosen to represent speed and nimbleness, but also for its approachability and youthfulness. A vibrant green and teal digital speed mark imparts a feeling of forward movement.