Partusch Plumbing & Heating


Partusch Wall Sculpture Installation


Partusch Plumbing & Heating and Northern Sheetmetal operate out of a beautiful headquarters in south Anchorage. MDG was brought in to add some style to the huge vacant wall behind their reception counter.

Mad Dog designed a convoluted sculpture from copper plumbing pipe and standard connectors, and created a pair of dimensional lighted signs to add some drama and a focal point to the area. Partusch built the 20-foot sculpture in-house from Mad Dog’s plans.

New electrical drops were installed, and the wall was sheathed in galvanized sheets. The sculpture was mounted using custom offsets, and the signs were installed directly over the copper. The backlit signs reflect off the steel and copper, and the glowing edges of the extruded letters at the front of the signs outline each company name in light.


  • Creativity 45 Annual