Osprey Air


Logo design and stationery package


Osprey Air is an air taxi service providing passenger and cargo transportation in Southcentral Alaska, where small-aircraft aviation is the only way in or out of many rural communities, wilderness areas, and hunting and fishing camps. Although the aircraft are small, owner Steve Pogany wanted Osprey to project the same image of confidence and experience attributed to larger airline carriers.

Mad Dog Graphx adopted the sleek, minimalist style popular with national and international carriers for this logo. The icon is built entirely of circles, arcs, and s-curves to maintain the fluidity of flight. Sky blue was chosen to reinforce the concept of air travel.


  • American Graphic Design & Advertising Awards 31
  • International Annual Design Awards, Annual 2011 (London)
  • American Graphic Design Awards, GDUSA Design Annual 2013
  • Graphis Logo Design 9 and Letterhead 8