Logo design, stationery package, marketing and collateral materials


Millisecond is a leading provider of software for psychological testing. Its Inquisit Web and Lab products have been used to collect psychological data in an extensive and diverse body of peer reviewed research, as well as in applied research domains such as marketing, usability, and clinical trials. Millisecond also provides end-to-end research engineering and consulting services, including experimental design, script programming, setting up web experiments, and data processing and analysis.

The logo references neurons and synaptic cycles and connections, the foundations for human reaction time and one metric for psychological tests. The client was looking for something simple, sleek, and straightforward – where the word Millisecond was the primary focus. This gave us an opportunity to create a mark representing the neuron/synaptic cycle that could replace the “o” in the wordmark. The “myelin sheath/schwann cell” section (the stylized, cut-out stripes) suggests a connecting element, and gives the icon movement and energy. In addition, it provides a graphic detail that can be pulled out and used on its own or as a watermark.