Chignik Lagoon Native Corporation


Logo design and stationery package


Chignik Lagoon Native Corporation is an ANCSA village corporation on the Alaska Peninsula. The new logo reflects many local influences: Chignik Lagoon is primarily a fishing village – dependent on the sea for its livelihood; its ties to the land include a future in mineral exploration, and the village sprouted up in the shadow of Castle Cape, a craggy and mysterious rock formation that rises from the sea; Chignik means “big wind” in Aleut, and the village’s first commercial endeavor is an aviation service.

Air, land, and sea are all represented in the logo, a symbol of a small Native community defined like no other by its environment. The swirling wind patterns borrow a common Aleut beading style that often shows up on decorative ceremonial and hunting garb.


  • Hermes Creative Awards [Platinum]
  • Communicator Awards [Gold]
  • WOLDA Logo Design Awards
  • Creativity 43 Annual
  • American Graphic Design Awards GDUSA Design Annual 2013
  • American Graphic Design & Advertising Awards 31