Bainbridge Community Foundation


2016 Report to the Community


Bainbridge Community Foundation (BCF) was created in 2001 when community members came together with a shared vision; one that encouraged, inspired, and provided a meaningful way for people to enhance and sustain the unique way of life experienced on the Island by fostering philanthropic funds.

BCF helps the community grow, diversify, and evolve, while affirming the fundamental strengths it has today. Their focus over the last few years has been in four key areas; 1) engaging people in opportunities to learn about the community, 2) giving to the community through grants that support important nonprofit agencies, 3) serving the community through hands-on volunteer engagement, and 4) investing in the future of BCF and the Bainbridge Island community for the benefit of generations to come.

The 2016 Report to the Community was designed to help BCF share their positive contributions to the community in a year filled with significant accomplishments.