Anchorage Park Foundation


Logo design, stationery package, marketing and collateral materials


APF raises private and public funds to make improvements to public lands, parks, and trails in Anchorage, Alaska. The new logo adopts a year-round inhabitant of the parks – the chickadee – for the mark, as well as a spray of birch leaves.

The logo needed to be young, fresh, playful, strong, calm, and sophisticated at the same time, to reflect the many uses of the parks and the many audiences for the new mark. The chickadee lends the logo its feisty, warm, and well-loved personality, while the logo immediately imparts a sense of nature and the outdoors.

The logo offers many variations, which further extends the usefulness of the mark. Those variations include vertical, horizontal, and stand-alone applications. Elements can be pulled out and used separately as graphic devices. And an adaptable color palette allows for seasonal changes, program identification, and more.


  • Davey Awards [Gold]
  • Hermes Creative Awards [Gold]
  • WOLDA Logo Design Awards
  • Creativity 43 Annual
  • American Graphic Design Awards GDUSA Design Annual 2013
  • Graphis Logo Design 9 and Letterhead 8
  • American Graphic Design & Advertising Awards 31