Anchorage Project Access


Improving the Yield (2018)


Despite the looming threat of a statewide recession, tightening budgets, and the subsequent chill passed to philanthropic donations, Anchorage Project Access not only managed to grow, it expanded its client base by 40%. Their network added more health care providers, including several dental health professionals. The total value of health care donated by these dedicated volunteers nearly doubled, and the number of ACA/Medicaid applications and enrollments more than doubled thanks to their outreach program.

An internal audit found that – over their 13-year history – for every dollar invested in Anchorage Project Access, APA has yielded eight dollars worth of health care services.

2018’s annual report was designed to reflect APA’s astonishing value to the community and its remarkable return on investment for those most devoted to improving the level of health care in Anchorage.