Anchorage Project Access


Spotlight on Anchorage Project Access


The mission of Anchorage Project Access is to increase access to health care for low income uninsured members of the Anchorage community by using a volunteer network of providers working in a coordinated fashion to create a compassionate, respectful, equitable, accountable, and efficient program of necessary services for those in need. National changes to our health care system have recently made it necessary for APA to adapt its model.

While APA still pairs eligible clients with volunteer medical specialists, it has expanded its services to include dental care, and is involved in several community outreach programs. APA currently has a Certified Application Counselor on staff to help guide clients through the enrollment process for Medicaid and Affordable Care Act marketplace insurance.

Their latest annual shines a light on APA’s new capabilities and reiterates their dedication to ensuring everyone in Anchorage is afforded the health care they require.