Rejected Logos Receive Their Due

On Wednesday, Mad Dog Graphx took part in “the little one,” AIGA Alaska’s first local competition to acknowledge logo designs that were presented to clients but ultimately not adopted.

Mad Dog joined about a dozen other local designers in submitting rejected logos for consideration.

The competition took place as part of Anchorage Design Week 2018, organized by the Anchorage Museum. Design Week celebrates the power of design to find creative solutions, for professional designers and the public, through workshops, presentations by national speakers, conversations, and networking events.

Each attendee received two stickers to affix to their favorite entries. At the end of the evening, the entries with the most votes won.

Alaskan logo designers were invited to submit their rejected client designs, which were judged by their peers and the public at a reception at Muse, the restaurant at the museum.

AIGA Alaska did a great job organizing the event, which drew a large crowd of designers and design fans from a wide and diverse field of disciplines and practices.

Rejection is part of the process for most designers, and “the little one” offered a good-natured way to turn lemons into lemonade – or at least, earn some sympathy from a crowd who knows how it feels when genius goes unrecognized.

The evening was a lot of fun, and the theme seemed to be universally understood (there were almost 50 entries!) There was a lot of great work on display, and the level of creativity made us respect those logos that make it into the public eye even more.

Graphic Design Gets Some
BIG Love in Alaska

Mad Dog Graphx was honored to win a Silver Award for logo design at the eighth annual AIGA Alaska statewide design competition, The BIG One. MORE