King County Encourages Responsible Teen Driving

The King County Department of Community and Human Services is rolling out a series of ads reminding teens and young adults not to drive under the influence of alcohol or marijuana, and conveying the personal impact impaired driving can have on their futures and finances.

The online campaign will focus on social media sites like SnapChat and Instagram.

Washington is one of a growing number of states that have legalized the possession and use of marijuana for adults 21 and older. This campaign is aimed at 16–25 year olds, recognizing the potential for underage consumption.

The ads focus on planning ahead, choosing not to drive while impaired, and not letting friends drive while under the influence. Secondary messaging relates some real-world consequences of a DUI, including losing a loved one, a job, a scholarship, or a college admission, on top of thousands of dollars in DUI-related costs.

The campaign targets social media sites and community locations, and will be translated into several languages beginning with Spanish. Schools and strategic campaign partners will be provided with materials and help with media placement.

The poster campaign will be used in schools and popular community locations.

The ads needed to be credible, connect personally with the audience, and encourage young adults to demonstrate their own leadership in situations with peers. Mad Dog Seattle worked with The Connection Group and Sermo Digital to help King County craft its message and create the series of print and online ads.

Look for the campaign on SnapChat, Instagram, and other social media sites beginning in October.


King County is rolling out a series of ads reminding teens and young adults not to drive under the influence. MORE