Natural Skin Care, by Alaskans for Alaskans

Anchorage, AK – Alaska weather is extreme, ranging from hot, arid summers to long, cold, dry winters. So whether you’re skiing, hiking, or playing – indoors or out, Eracura skin care products must work in this climate and they do.

Eracura products work day and night, together and separately – depending on how much moisture your skin requires. Most importantly, Eracura products are kind to your skin and they are animal and planet friendly.

Mad Dog North created the visual brand for Eracura, a line of Alaska-made skin care products.

Eracura is a family owned and operated skin care company based in Anchorage, Alaska. Founder Suzanne Tryck has been making moisturizers and toners for friends and neighbors for more than 15 years. Last year, Suzanne finally decided it was time to offer her creations to the public.

“It’s been nerve-racking, but also exciting and rewarding,” said Suzanne about the process of bringing her products to market. “When I started, I was just trying to find a solution that worked for me. After a day of skiing, my skin would feel dry and chapped. I would try a new moisturizer and my eyes would sting and my skin would become blotchy. Typical and even predictable, I went through all kinds of commercial skin care products. I had shelves full of half-used bottles.

Eracura products are available at several of Anchorage’s favorite retail stores, including Cabin Fever (above).

“My early attempts to create a custom moisturizer involved my mother. She would smile politely and say she really liked it, although her forehead was very shiny. My friends and neighbors were about the same. Finally, 10 years into the process, I found a combination that worked beautifully for me. My mother actually liked it and my friends started asking me to make it for them.

“This went on for another five years. Eventually, I got the idea that maybe I should charge for it. My sister Kathryn agreed to help and so Eracura came to be.”

Starting up a company has been an exercise in patience and planning for Suzanne. She talked to shop owners and learned what kind of packaging might sell best. She discussed how to display the products, how to write up orders, how to set up accounts – all a year before a commercial product was even available.

“It was also critical that we have the least impact possible on the environment,” said Suzanne. “We don't believe in unnecessary packaging. All of our jars are glass and are reusable. Our products can be mixed and matched until you come up with the regimen that works best for you.” Eracura’s ingredients are also all-natural and cruelty free.

[L] Eracura debuted its product line to retailers at the 2017 Alaska Wholesale Gift Show in Anchorage. [R] Suzanne Tryck and her sister Kathryn are the faces behind Eracura skin care products.

Suzanne worked with Mad Dog Graphx to develop the visual brand for Eracura, which included the logomark, color palette, images, textures, packaging, displays, and print materials. Mad Dog also helped create Suzanne’s booth for Eracura at the 2017 Alaska Wholesale Gift Show, a trade show where local vendors and outlets place product orders for the spring tourist season.

Currently, Eracura offers their original Intense Moisturizer, a lighter Fresh Moisturizer, and a Balancing Toner, all in a variety of sizes. More products are already in development for next season.

You can find Eracura products at a growing number of retailers, including Cabin Fever, the Providence Hospital gift shop, and Furniture Classics in Anchorage.

Or, order these remarkable skin care products for yourself – visit for more information.

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