Bright Ideas from New Voices

Anchorage, AK – A new set of voices is leading a discussion of Alaska’s plans for the future. Our Alaska believes the state is facing serious economic troubles, and this group of young Alaskans is stepping forward to make sure that solutions are designed for a long future, not just immediate political needs. They’re insisting on action from state legislators now, to address broken state systems that are hemorrhaging savings at a rate of $10 million a day.

[L] The Our Alaska logo, designed by Mad Dog Graphx. [R] Governor Walker and the Our Alaska team meeting at the Boardroom in Anchorage.

Our Alaska is an informal, nonpartisan coalition of rising-generation Alaskans, collaborating on a shared vision and need for progress towards a better future for the state. They envision a future with stable, prosperous economic opportunity and new state revenues that are equitably distributed across Alaska’s regions and socio-economic groups, combined with a sustainable state government that keeps Alaska a great place to live, raise a family, and have a rewarding career.

Our Alaska’s Kickstarter campaign raised awareness – and more money than anticipated. With a goal of $10,000 in 30 days, they raised $11,884 USD from 137 backers in three countries.

The group realizes that articulating and implementing a predictable, stable, and sustainable fiscal strategy is not just a government concern. The health of the economy requires that Alaskans and the business community engage in a plan to stabilize the state’s financial future. Getting these groups to join the conversation is one of Our Alaska’s primary goals. Their aim is to be nimble, take creative risks, and make participating in a democracy fun again.

Look for a brightly colored light bulb, and you’ll find a group of Alaskans striving to have a relevant voice in today’s conversation.

The Our Alaska logo created by Kris Ryan-Clarke of Mad Dog Graphx employs the lightbulb as an iconic symbol of new ideas. The metaphor is apt and easily understandable. In a flash – with the flick of a switch – the light goes on, much like the new ideas being generated around the state by these young, forward-thinking Alaskans.

Sometimes being zany gets the message across in a way more people can understand. Many meetings are taking place all around Alaska to talk about the issues raised by Our Alaska.

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